Department of technologies in aquaculture

Head of the department:
Igor Hrytsyniak
Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Professor, Academician of the National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine
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The main aim of the department activities is the development of scientific fundamentals and modern regulatory and technological basis for effective domestic aquaculture with increased biological productivity of fisheries areas in conditions of environmentally friendly use of natural resources. The priority problems of the scientific support of fisheries sector of Ukraine, which the department works upon, include, in particular, the improvement of the technologies and practical measures of integrated intensification of pond fish farming and development of high intensity technologies of freshwater aquaculture in conditions of industrial type enterprises.

The importance of the department activity is related to the necessity of the exposure of sector development reserves with the development of economically sound approaches in modern aquaculture. Priority important was the development of resource saving technologies for freshwater aquaculture aimed at significant increase in the efficiency of the use of natural bioproductive potential of inland water bodies of different categories. At the same time, in cases when it is economically sound, the advantage in the studies is given to the development of intensive methods of fish rearing with the use of a wide range of cultivation objects with significant adjustment of traditional technologies.

The specifics of scientific activities at the department include comprehensive scientific and research works with the use of generally accepted ichthyological, hydrobiological, physiological-biochemical, and hydrochemical studies.

Main research areas, which prevail in the department activities, are:

  1. studies of cultivated fish productivity in the process of the improvement of the methods of their reproduction and rearing at aquaculture enterprises with different levels of intensification;
  2. development of new low-cost technological approaches for resource-saving pond aquaculture based on broadening the species structure in the polyculture and rational fish feeding with the use of non-traditional feed components of plant origin;
  3. application of environmentally friendly methods for stimulation of natural food supply development for obtaining organic fish products based on the use of a complex of non-traditional fertilizing substance;
  4. study of physiological-biochemical and immunological peculiarities of fish resistance during the process of the improvement of the viability of fish culture objects reared at different technologies of freshwater aquaculture;
  5. development of the ways for increasing productivity and improvement of environmental conditions in ponds with the use of a complex of enhancement methods and new express methods for the determination of the level of aquatic medium pollution with toxicants of different origins during the process of the development of aquaculture technologies;
  6. improvement of the biotechnologies for invertebrate aquaculture objects.

Main lines of the department activities related to the provision of propositions and services to interested subjects of aquaculture business are:

  • development and scientific support in the realization of projects and programs on the reproduction and rearing of fish cultivation for different types of aquaculture;
  • study and justification of the suitability of physicochemical parameters of aquatic media for effective aquaculture activities;
  • consultative aid regarding different issues in aquaculture, including rational exploitation of the water bodies of fish farms.