Sector of the technologies of the restoration of rare and endangered species

Head of sector:
Oleksander Tretiak,
Doctor of Agricultural Sciences,
Senior Research Scientist,
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The main line of sector activities is the development of scientific fundamentals and practical measures for the restoration, including with the use of aquaculture techniques, of various species of sturgeons for the conservation of their genetic pool and increase in their population numbers. The sector activities are carried in an integrated manner with the combination of scientific and technological resources of interdisciplinary works of the Institute related to the development of regulatory and technological basis of aquaculture and application of modern biotechnologies and genetic studies in aquaculture.

The importance of sector activities is defined by high-priority effective taking over the problem of the conservation of the genetic pool of rare and endangered fish species with the use of pond and industrial aquaculture. All sturgeon species, which remained in native fish fauna, are listed as endangered in the Red Book of Ukraine, IUCN list, Bern and Bonn conventions, CITES and European Red Lists that reflects international importance of this problem.

The specifics of scientific activities of the sector involve an integrated performance of scientific and research works with the use of conventional ichthyological, hydrochemical and hydrobiological methods. At the same time, genetic and modern cryobiology methods are used.

Main activities of the sector include:

  1. study of the biological peculiarities and genetic structure of sturgeon populations and brood stock in the process of the improvement of the methods of their reproduction and breeding at enterprises of pond and industrial aquaculture;
  2. study of biological peculiarities and methods of the cultivation of a perspective object of commercial sturgeon culture – North American paddlefish in the process of the development of technologies for its cultivation in Ukraine;
  3. study of the environmental conditions of inland water bodies based on the suitability parameters of biotopes for the restoration of populations of endangered fish species;
  4. improvement of the system of selective breeding works and use of genetic resources of rare and endangered fish species in Ukrainian aquaculture;
  5. creation of genetic collection stocks of rare and endangered fish species (sturgeon species) in controlled conditions at aquaculture enterprises of different types;
  6. study of the peculiarity of domestication of different sturgeon species in the process of forming brood stocks in aquaculture;
  7. creation of the collections of cryopreserved gametes of rare and endangered fish species for increasing the efficiency of studies on the conservation of valuable genetic pool of various sturgeon species.

Main trends of the sector activities regarding the provision of methodical aid and services to interested subjects of aquaculture business is:

  • development and scientific support of the projects dealing with the restoration of various sturgeon species during the process of their use in aquaculture and restoration of their populations in natural water bodies;
  • determination of the suitability of environmental state of inland water bodies for fisheries related activities on the reproduction and rearing of sturgeon species;
  • consulting on the issues of the creation of brood stocks of sturgeon species and optimization of the ways of freshwater aquaculture at enterprises of different types.