Laboratory of management in aquaculture

Head of the laboratory:
Viktor Chernik
mob.: +38(063)721-16-76
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The laboratory is aimed at performing survey works and scientific research in the field of economics, organization and management, participation in the preparation of technical-economical justifications, regulatory documents; development of methodical approaches and recommendations regarding the increase of economic efficiency of business activities of fish industry of Ukraine.

The laboratory studies the most important economic problems of fisheries development in Ukraine, including: ways of increasing the economic efficiency of aquaculture enterprises, scientific justification of new approaches to organizing a manufacture process, economical evaluation of the efficiency of the use of new progressive aquaculture technologies (principles of the construction of organizational-economical mechanism of internal relations at enterprises, analysis of production and cost levels, determination of the instruments of price strategy realization, principles of the distribution of enterprise’s self-supporting income, etc.).

The studies are carried out using conventional methods in economy, results of economic developments in the field of aquaculture of Ukraine and abroad.

Major areas of the laboratory activities include:

  1. studies of the peculiarities of market relations in aquaculture;
  2. analysis of the current state of fish market in Ukraine;
  3. preparation of forecast balances of demand and propositions for aquaculture products;
  4. scientific-theoretical justification of methodological and organizational principles of the implementation of effective management in fish industry;
  5. determination of main aspects of the organization of fish product sale in wholesale and retail operations.

Propositions of services for individuals and legal entities:

  • calculations on the determination of economic efficiency of scientific developments;
  • consulting services regarding the justification for performing scientific works and their implementation;
  • control for management process at aquaculture enterprises;
  • audit of aquaculture activities;
  • consulting services on economic problems of fish industry development in Ukraine.

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