Sturgeon culture sector

Head of sector:
Marina Pashko
phone: +38(096)312-45-48
e-mail (head): This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The sturgeon culture sector has been created for the revival of commercial sturgeon culture and restoration of the stocks of native sturgeon species in Ukrainian water bodies.

The importance of the sector activity is related to the fact that current conditions require artificial propagation and commercial rearing of sturgeon species not only for maintaining their abundance and biodiversity in natural environments but also for economic activities. All sturgeon species, which still inhabit Ukrainian waters, are listed in the Red Book of Ukraine, IUCN list, Bern and Bonn conventions, CITES and European Red List. Therefore, the only possibility to increase the amounts of sturgeon production in Ukraine is the development of the aquaculture of these species, which forms the conditions for obtaining marketable products during first 2-4 years after starting the necessary works. Creation of a broad network of fish culture farms will allow preserving the genetic pool of sturgeon species, reducing the pressure of illegal fishing and multimillion losses from the disappearance of sturgeon fishery and reduction of production amounts, preserving the market of services, employment, and increase of working places for people.

The study methods of the sector are generally accpected ones in ichthyology, hydrobiology, and aquaculture.

Major areas of the sector activities:

  1. development and implementation of new resource saving technologies of rearing fry and marketable fish;
  2. optimization of the technologies of artificial fish propagation;
  3. improvement of methodological approaches for the determination of biological parameters of multiple age groups of sturgeon species;
  4. improvement of the technologies of the domestication of native sturgeon species;
  5. increase of fish fry survival;
  6. study of the peculiarities of stock restoration, distribution and dynamics, feeding and trophic relationships, food supply, growth, population biology of species, interspecific and intraspecific competitive relationships and environmental conditions of sturgeon species;
  7. monitoring of brood fish conditions;
  8. increase of the efficiency of fish larva and fingerling rearing in aquaculture;
  9. scientific justification of commercial sturgeon harvest management.

Propositions of services for individuals and legal entities:

  • development of scientific-biological justifications;
  • development of the technological schemes of fish culture corresponding to the conditions of specific fish farms and types of aquaculture;
  • development of breeding selection programs for the subjects of selection practice;
  • provision of scientific support when forming replacement-broodfish stocks;
  • provision of consultative services.