About the Institute

gerb ua 200The Institute of Fisheries of the National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine is the main scientific institution that defines and develops the promising trends in the field of fisheries research, coordinates and performs methodical management of scientific works in the field of aquaculture and fishery in inland water bodies of Ukraine.

The structure of the scientific units of the Institute of Fisheries has been formed according to assigned tasks and with the goal of a comprehensive solution of scientific and research works. The units of the institute are presented on the interactive page Institute Structure.

The main subjects of the scientific activities of the institute are:
- rational exploitation of aquatic living resources in inland water bodies;
- coordination of the work of breeding farms of Ukraine;
- conservation of the genetic fund and restoration of the populations of rare and endangered fish species;
- selective breeding works;
- biotechnologies in aquaculture;
- studies of the dynamics of genetic structure formation in multiple-breed groups of fish;
- ecology of the hydrosystems of inland water bodies;
- prevention and early diagnostics and treatment of fish diseases;
- development and improvement of fish feeding technologies, creation and selections of fish feed formulas;
- consulting of farm aquaculture;
- development of normative documents regulating fisheries activities in inland water bodies;
- training of the skilled personnel of the highest category;
- analysis of the economic efficiency of business activities of aquaculture enterprises;
- building contacts and partnership for international scientific cooperation.

The research activities, which are carried out and can be proposed for You by our units: ichthyological, physiological-biochemical, hydrochemical, toxicological, hydrobiological, ichthyopathological, microbiological, virological, molecular-genetic, cytogenetic, histological, patent and marketing.

The Institute network has four  organization: SE “Research farm “Nyvka” (Kyiv), SE “Research farm of Lviv research station of the Institute of Fisheries” (Lviv region), Lviv research station (Lviv region) and Zakarpattya scientific-research station of salmonid culture and conservation of endangered fishes (Zakarpattia region).

Scientific activities of the Institute are carried out according to scientific and technical programs of the National Academy of Agrarian Science of Ukraine. In addition, a significant amount of scientific works is conducted every year in response to orders of the State Agency of Fisheries of Ukraine, Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine, other ministries and governmental bodies, fisheries related organizations and enterprises as well as according to international agreements and programs.