Director of the institute of fisheries

Director of the institute
Igor Hrytsyniak

Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Professor,
Academician of the National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine
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Hrytsyniak I.I. was born in 1956 in village Mavkovychy of Gorodok district, Lviv region. In 1980, he graduated from the Lviv State University with the specialty economist. In 2004, he defended his dissertation work and received the scientific degree of the Candidate of Agricultural Sciences. In 2008, Hrytsyniak I.I. was awarded with the scientific rank of senior research scientist, and, in 2009, he defended the dissertation for the Doctor of Agricultural Sciences degree. The academic rank of Professor was awarded to him in 2013 and the same year he became the full Academician of the National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine.

Hrytsyniak I.I. started his working activity in 1977 at Lviv Research Station of the Institute of Fisheries. Since January 2006, he has been working as the Director of the Institute of Fisheries NAAS.

The institute was granted the utility model patents of Ukraine and more than 60 developments in the field of aquaculture, where Hrytsyniak I.I. is an author or co-author. The materials of his research works were described in more than 240 scientific articles published in Ukraine and abroad.

He is the deputy editor-in-chief of scientific journal “Fisheries Science of Ukraine” published in Ukraine since 2007 (е-ISSN 2312-9581, ISSN 2075-1508, DOI: 10.15407/fsu).

He supervised the dissertation for the Doctor of Agricultural Sciences degree (Tretiak O.M. “Technical-biological fundamentals for rearing paddlefish Polyodon spathula (Walbaum) in aquaculture of Ukraine”) and 4 dissertations for the Candidate of Agricultural Sciences degree – Deren O.V. “Productive characteristics and natural resistance of multiple breed groups of carp under the effect of purple coneflower (Echinacea purpurea (L.) Moench), Petriv V.B. “Metabolic and productive effect of iodine in pond fish”, Osoba I.A. “Genetic assessment and physiological-biochemical peculiarities of carp of Nesvytsk zonal type”, and Yaninovych I.E. “Increase of pond aquaculture efficiency by expansion of fish polyculture”.

Scientific works of Hrytsyniak I.I. are devoted to the development and improvement of resource efficient technologies for rearing fish and fish seeds, special products for prevention and treatment of fish diseases and increase of fish immunity, selective breeding works, fish feeding.

The targeted long-term works of fish breeders with the participation of Hrytsyniak I.I. resulted in breeding of three new intrabreed types of Ukrainian carp, which have high productivity, cold and diseases resistance.

Hrytsyniak I.I. together with scientists of the Institute of Fisheries initiated the study on the possibilities of the enrichment of fish meat with certain microelements and first of all iodine by adding it to fish feeds.

Hrytsyniak I.I. supervised the works on the systemic study of relationships between blood protein polymorphism, natural resistance, activity of immune and antioxidant systems as well as some aspects of protein and lipid metabolism in carp of different origins. The genetic structure of various intrabreed types of Ukrainian carp and their hybrid forms was investigated by studying protein and enzyme polymorphism.

An important place in his activity belongs to the works of selective-genetic prospects. He initiated the creation of a specialized laboratory of molecular genetics of aquaculture and laboratory of virology and bacteriology in the Institute, which were the first in Ukraine.

The Institute actively develops the studies related to low-temperature conservation of sexual products of valuable, rare and endangered fish species of different origins, improves the methods of cryobiotechnologies. A cryobank of different commercial and endangered fish species of Ukraine was created in the Institute for the first time.

Hrytsyniak I.I. is a member of the Director council on international cooperation of the Network of Scientific Aquaculture Centers in Eastern-Central Europe (NACEE), takes active part in organizing the internships of Ukrainian specialists in foreign scientific institutions and universities.

For his achievements in the development of fisheries sciences, Hrytsyniak I.I. was awarded with the honorary title of “Honored employee of agriculture of Ukraine”, “Honorary worker of fisheries”, “Leader of agribusiness”. He was decorated with the “For Merits” III class order, “St. Volodymyr” order, “Archistratigus Michael” order, “St. George” order, “Christ the Saviour” order, Certificate of Honor of the Central Electoral Commission, “Veteran of Fish Industry” badge, Certificate of Honor of the Cabinet Council of Ukraine and other state distinctions.