Department of economics and scientific research planning

Head of the department:
Tetyana Tretiakova
mob.: +38(067)910-91-14
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The department has been created with the aim to carry out the works related to the comprehensive analysis and planning of Institute’s activities for more rational use of its physical and work resources, to reduce the amounts of uncompleted studies, to increase economic efficiency and profitability of scientific research.

The importance of the department activities consists in the optimization of the efforts of all employees for achieving the assigned mission because the essence of the planning in the conditions of market economy is scientific justification of further directions of development, selection of best ways for their accomplishment and result forecasting.

The planning methodology covers the total of theoretical conclusions, general patterns, scientific principles, economical aspects, current market needs and the methods of plan development recognized by best practices.

Major areas of the department activities:

  1. development of investment projects, preparation of medium-term and long-term plans of scientific, production, financial and commercial activities of the institute;
  2. planning the amounts of capital investments and operational money for the centralized payment of physical resources, facilities and equipment for performing scientific research and development works based on the applications of scientific, production, and technical subdivisions of the institute;
  3. creation of methods, recommendations, regulatory-instructive documentation on economics, labor compensation, price policy;
  4. control for the institute’s compliance with the legislation in the field of economics, scientific and innovation activities, for performing the planned tasks;
  5. preparation of economical justifications, propositions, and calculations on the costs for performing scientific research and development works, current and capital repairs, cost plans;
  6. statistical recording of all production parameters of the work of the institute and its research facilities, systematization of statistical materials, preparation of statistical reports as per schedule;
  7. preparation, control and accounting of commercial contracts;
  8. preparation of employment register, which complies with the wage scale, approved structure, position salaries and valid norms, based on the propositions from the heads of scientific subdivisions of the institute and approval by the director.

Proposition of services for individuals and legal entities:

  • control for budget execution as well as a preparation and formation of periodical and management reporting;
  • research, planning, and economical backing of financial and enterprise business activities;
  • analysis of enterprise economic activity;
  • analysis of enterprise actual costs;
  • preparation of current plans based on funding amounts of scientific works and research;
  • preparation of incomes and expenditure estimates of fundamental and applied research within the established limits, control for their execution;
  • preparation and formation of agreements with customers for the development of scientific and research products, lease agreements for temporarily non-used institute’s premises, performing enterprise business activities, control for their performance;
  • preparation of annual report on enterprise business activities.