Laboratory of Ichthiopathology

Head of the Laboratory:
Natalia Matvienko
Professor, Dr (HP)
mob. +38(063)628-34-17
e-mail (head): This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The department has been created with an ultimate goal of the scientific support of food safety in Ukraine and for the creation of conditions for stabilizing and increasing the production of high quality fish products by preventing fish diseases.

The importance of the department consists in the necessity for the assessment of the epizootic state of water bodies and selection of fish species for rearing in the conditions of aquaculture of Ukraine. Last several years, a significant success has been achieved in the field of the study of fish viral diseases. The processes of aquaculture intensification suppose implementation of new techniques, including: use of polyculture, increase of fish stocking density, introduction and acclimatization of new aquaculture objects, application of high nutrient feeds and immunostimulators as well as transportation of fish from one fish farms to others located in different geographical and climatic zones with typical ecosystems. The causal relationship of such activities is occurrence of new fish diseases, which often are not typical for the given region or fish farm.

Activities of the department include comprehensive studies aimed at disease diagnostics and development of appropriate treatment and curative measures. The studies are carried out using conventional ichthyopathological, microbiological, virological and aquaculture methods.

Major areas of the department activities:

  1. development of scientific basis and methodology for monitoring of infectious and invasive fish diseases in conditions of aquaculture and inland water bodies of Ukraine;
  2. determination of the nature of fish diseases registered in the surveyed fish farms and water bodies of Ukraine, establishment of their etiology, clinical signs and patho-morphological changes in fish organisms;
  3. development of early diagnostics methods for fish diseases, which are most common in aquaculture and inland water bodies of Ukraine;
  4. search for the most effective and economically justified methods of the prevention of fish diseases of different etiologies;
  5. approbation and introduction of new preventive and treatment drugs in aquaculture;
  6. studying the effects of drugs on physiological and immunological parameters of fish organism.

Propositions of services for individuals and legal entities:

  • diagnostics of fish diseases of different etiologies;
  • examination of fish seeds (during stocking to rearing ponds or when transferring to wintering ponds);
  • scientifically justified development of a complex of preventive and treatment measures adapted for specific fish culture facility including for closed water supply systems;
  • consulting services on preventive treatment of fish and application of treatment and preventive drugs in aquaculture;
  • visits of specialists to fish farms for performing complex ichthyopathological studies;
  • organization of the observance of aquaculture-technological and veterinary-sanitary requirements by fish farms in the process of hydrobiont rearing.

The department has a permit of the Kyiv Regime Commission to work with causative agents of the III-IV groups of pathogenicity during virological, bacteriological and parasitic studies as well as an attestation at the SE “Ukrmetrteststandart”