Council of Young Scientists

Council Chairman:
Simon Mariya
Ph.D of Agricultural Sciences
mob.: +38(063)115-3916
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Council of Young Scientists of the Institute of Fisheries (hereinafter referred to as the CYS) is a self-governing body of the youth of the Institute of Fisheries



Composition of the Council of Young Scientists of the Institute of Fisheries NAAS1. Mariya Simon, Cand. Agr. Sc., Sen. Res. Sc. – Council Chairperson;

1. Mariya Simon, Cand. Agr. Sc., Sen. Res. Sc. – Council Chairperson;
2. Viktoriia Hurbyk, Cand. Agr. Sc., Sen. Res. Sc. – Deputy Council Chairperson;
3. Olena Bielikova, Ph.D (091 “Biology”), Sen. Res. Sc., – Council secretary;
4. Bohdan Hrishyn, Cand. Agr. Sc., Sen. Res. Sc.;
5. Uliana Kuts, Res. Sc., Ph.D (207 “Agricultural”);
6. Roman Konopelskyi, postgraduate;
7. Оlga Krasnopolska, postgraduate;
8. Raisa Sydorak, postgraduate;
9. Khrystyna Solopova, Cand. Vet. Sc., Sen. Res. Sc.

In its activity, the CYS adheres to the following principles:

  • governance of scientific creativity and competitiveness;
  • equality of all members, self-governance and transparency in the work.

The main objective of CYS activity is comprehensive support to the scientific, inventive and other creative activities of postgraduate students and young scientists (under 35 years old).

The main tasks of the CYS are:

  1. Support of postgraduate students and young scientists, providing them with comprehensive assistance;
  2. Promotion of the individuality of a researcher, modern scientist with broad democratic worldview;
  3. Participation in the organization and development of inter-institutional and international scientific and cultural cooperation of young scientists;
  4. Informational activity, etc.

Conditions of CYS membership:

  1. Postgraduate students and young scientists (under 35 years old) can participate in CYS activities.
  2. Members of CYS can be postgraduate students and young scientists.
  3. Admission to CYS members is performed by CYS based on an entrant’s written application.

Rights of CYS members:

  1. to elect and be elected to CYS governing bodies;
  2. to participate in the discussion on all questions of CYS activities;
  3. to participate in scientific conferences, concourses, and other events organized by CYS;
  4. to receive methodical, informational, and other aid from CYS.

Responsibilities of CYS members:

  • to comply with CYS regulation;
  • to participate in CYS activities.

Suspension of CYS membership:

  • A CYS member can be excluded from the Council for violating the CYS Regulation;
  • The question on the exclusion of a CYS member is decided by CYS;
  • Suspension of CYS membership can be carried out at the request of a CYS member or in case of dismissal.

CYS structure and governing bodies
The supreme body of CYS is Academic Council of the Institute. The supreme governing body is the CYS Board.

Institute’s Academic Council and CYS Board:

adopts CYS Regulation and makes amendments to it;

defines the main directions of CYS activities;

elect the CYS Chairman, hears the report on his activities;

approves the composition of the CYS Board.

Management of CYS:

organizes conferences;

fulfills assignments of the Institute’s Academic Council;

may petition the Director to award the individuals who have made a significant contribution to the Board and excelled in scientific work.

CYS Board coordinates its work with the Deputy Director for Science or Scientific Secretary. Regular Board meetings are convened at least once a month. Extraordinary meetings are convened by the Chairman of the Board or at the request of one third of the CYS composition. The CYS meeting is empowered if at least 50% of the number of its members are present. The decisions are taken by a majority of the CYS members present.

CYS Board includes:

  • CYS Chairman;
  • Deputy CYS Chairman;
  • CYS Secretary.

The CYS Chairman elected by the Institute’s Academic Council is approved by the Director’s order. To ensure CYS activities, the Institute of Fisheries provides the CYS with space and creates the necessary conditions for its effective operation. The Director and heads of Institute’s academic subunits should promote the fullest informational support of PMB activities. Institute’s academic subunits should contribute to CYS activities.